Young trade union activists gather in Oxford

by - 14th October 2011, 16.18 BST

More than 70 young trade union activists will gather in Oxford this weekend to learn skills, network, and hear from expert speakers from a range of political and campaign groups including the Labour Party and Robin Hood Tax campaign.

A new major campaign will also be jointly launched by young members of the Communication Workers Union and homeless charity Crisis. Aimed at raising awareness of single homelessness, encouraging people to sign up as volunteers and raise funds, the campaign will aim to reach out to CWU’s 22,000 young members and use their energy and experience to campaign for change.

General secretary Billy Hayes said: “Young people are facing the highest levels unemployment since records began as well as attacks on jobs, conditions and services so this event couldn’t be more important. CWU young members will gain training, skills and inspiration from a strong group of expert speakers this weekend.

“It’s the first time we’ve held an event like this in Oxford, a city with a famous student tradition, so we’re pleased to be this established learning environment. This weekend is about harnessing the enthusiasm of our young members, particularly for their chosen issue which is homelessness. We’re proud to be working with Crisis on this hugely important and demanding problem.”

* The event runs from 6pm on Friday 14th October to 1pm Sunday 16th October. Delegates will take part in a range of workshops with expert speakers, experience a ‘mock conference’ and have time to quizz the CWU’s top officials in roundtable sessions.