PM climbs down after “damp squib” remark

by - 2nd December 2011, 9.00 BST

David Cameron has made an astonishing climbdown by admitting that Wednesday’s strikes were “big”.

The Prime Minister had initially described the action as a “damp squib” but was forced to eat his words yesterday after two million people took to the streets.

His comments were immediately challenged by UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis who said: “I wouldn’t call two million people taking strike action a damp squib.

“Cameron is sounding increasingly desperate in his attacks on public service workers.  He has only to turn on the TV, or listen to the radio – or look out the window – to see the nurses, dinner ladies, paramedics, social workers, teaching assistants,  lollipop ladies amongst others standing up for their pensions.

“And the thousands of picket lines, demonstrations, rallies and events are not a figment of our imagination. These people are angry public servants who the government has driven to the end of their tether.”