UNISON accuses DoH of fiddling strike figures

by - 2nd December 2011, 9.01 BST

UNISON has condemned Department of Health (DoH) plans to fiddle figures to play down the numbers of health workers on strike.

The union said the DOH’s figures will not take into account the fact that doctors, RCN and RCM members were never going to go on strike today – making it impossible for all health workers to be taking action, and that some of its members were exempt from taking action so they can provide life and limb cover – keeping emergency services running.

Head of health Christina McAnea said: “The DoH are so desperate to put down the success of the NHS strike, that they are planning on how best to fiddle the figures of how many workers are taking action. They should take account of the fact that large numbers of NHS staff are members of the RCN, RCM or are doctors, and they are not taking strike action. In addition UNISON members are providing emergency cover where it is needed.

“However the DoH have stopped individual trusts from showing the real picture and are simply asking them to say how many staff should be at work and how many are working today. This will give a completely false picture of the turnout.

“That means any DoH figures should disregarded because they will be inaccurate. They are designed from the start to hide the fact that members of UNISON have been supporting the strike in huge numbers right across the UK.”