CWU joins unions appeal over pensions CPI/RPI index

by - 10th February 2012, 15.04 BST

The CWU has joined other trade unions who have lodged an appeal against the High Court’s ruling in favour of the Government’s change in the uprating of public sector pensions.

Unions say the move from RPI to CPI will result in smaller pensions for millions of public sector workers.

A number of unions lodged an appeal against the High Court’s Ruling at a meeting of the TUC Executive Committee on Tuesday 7 February 2012.

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: “This is another expression of our support for the important work being done to oppose this change – a policy which we opposed as soon as it was announced.”

The decision to uprate pensions from the RPI index to CPI, was announced by George Osborne in his June 2010 emergency budget which came into effect in April 2011.

Unions lost their high court challenge to the changes at the beginning of December 2011.

CPI has risen by a smaller amount over the past two years than RPI, and doesn’t contain certain costs included in the latter, such as council tax, mortgage interest, house depreciation, TV and road fund licences.

The appeal hearing is due to take place later this month