Unite fear for 240 Ford and Land Rover jobs

by - 1st February 2012, 7.09 BST

Unite says 240 jobs are at risk after Liverpool City Council agreed planning permission to allow a leisure facility to be built on an area where for the last 40 years workers have provided final delivery of all Ford’s products to the north of England, Scotland and Ireland.

The union’s north west regional secretary Paul Finegan said: “Our members at Ford and Jaguar Land Rover are furious that Liverpool City Council’s planning committee has given Benmore developers the go-ahead to build a new leisure complex at the site of the major northern UK hub for Ford Transport Operations. This puts 240 local jobs at risk.

“Ford has been providing skilled jobs in the area for over 40 years and closure of the site as a distribution centre will result in a move away from Merseyside. It also provides distribution for Jaguar Land Rover to the UK and export markets around the world.

“Merseyside has taken enough blows. We need more businesses like Ford and Jaguar to be part of its future to provide the skilled work that grows our local economy. We will not standby and let our members’ jobs be driven out of the area.”

Liverpool City Council’s planning committee met yesterday to consider the Benmore application to build on the site in Speke.