Delegation from MMP lockout seeks direct talks with management

by - 29th March 2012, 8.00 BST

A delegation of workers from the five-week MMP lockout on Merseyside is seeking a face-to-face meeting with company directors after Mayr Melnhof Packaging refused to make redundancy or notice payments to 48 workers it made redundant 2 weeks ago.


Management at the Bootle plant where 150 print workers have been on strike since mid-February say the decision to refuse payments was made “from above”.


Unite officials believe this is a reference to senior managers at the sister plant on Deeside in north Wales.


The company says the reason for not making any payments is that most of those involved are appealing the decision.


In a statement, the MMP workforce said they want a “direct explanation” from senior management, although they say: “With a history of intimidation and bullying, [Managing Director] Mr Klauss Leitner and Operations Director Mr Steven Leslie Mcguinness usually employ a team of extra security to repel any enquiries.”