Tax isn’t just for the little people, says TUC

by - 16th April 2012, 11.46 GMT

Commenting on government figures published today showing the numbers of super-rich individuals in the UK that pay less than the 20 per cent basic rate of income tax, TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said:

“These are truly shocking figures. For too many of Britain’s super-rich, tax is something for the little people. Unfortunately the government is making the mistake of trying to deal with tax reform in a piecemeal way – one day rewarding the very wealthy with a cut in their tax rate, the next trying to unpick their allowances that benefit charitable institutions.

“Instead what we need is a proper and comprehensive review of our tax system –  one that sets out to make tax fair for everyone and means the super-rich start to pay effective tax rates much higher than the seemingly voluntary rates they pay at the moment.”