UCU votes to join #M10 strike

by - 27th April 2012, 17.02 BST

The national executive of UCU has voted to join four other unions in next month’s coordinated strike action against proposed cuts to public sector pensions.

It means the national strike planned for 10th May will involve union members working in the NHS, civil service and Royal Fleet Auxiliary as well universIties and FE colleges.

The UCU executive voted 23 to 9 to call out all ┬ámembers of the TPS scheme nationally. The decision covers members working in further education and staff at the ‘Post-92′, or new universities.

The union last month took part in a limited one-day pensions strike in London, with NUT.

  • Strike Concerns 15:43 BST on 2nd May 2012

    I am really concerned about the number of people who are wanting to leave the union rather than going on strike. Is there no other choice for action in the 21st century rather than going on strike? Stikes affects our students and our colleges, we need to focus on how to affect the government, e.g. with holding details on student numbers, sucess rates, attendance, etc. We really need to start thinking outside simply withdrawing services. This is not hurting the right people

  • I cannot believe that UCU are going on strike on the 10th May. In FE, thousands of students have exams that week and the following. I think there will be a big grassroots rebellion. The leadership of UCU have not respected their members by giving them enough time to plan and prepare.

  • I cannot believe that the 2 previous comments fail to take account of the longer term consequences of the government’s proposals for teachers pensions. Many statistics regarding success rates are compiled by admin staff and many of the recently imposed new contracts leave staff open to accusations of breach of contract for work to rule type protests. Withdrawing services at key times in the academic year highlights the serious long term damage that FE will suffer as a result of the draconian proposals of government and certain college management teams. When did people gain strength by failing to abide by democratic decisions? UCU members will support the campaign to secure a future for quality FE education through attracting qualified, talented staff.

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