Dockers take second day’s strike action over introduction of new contracts

by - 21st May 2012, 7.45 BST

Dockers at Tilbury are today taking a second day’s strike action in their dispute with Enterprise Distribution Centre (EDC) over the arbitrary introduction of new contracts.

The 45 Unite members are staging the 48-hour strike from 6.00am, following on from the initial 24-hour strike earlier in the month – the first strike by dockers at Tilbury in Essex since 1989.

Unite regional officer Jane Jeffery said: “The EDC’s intransigent management have not moved in this dispute, since the first strike earlier this month.

“Our members are again taking action in a bid to get the company to enter into meaningful talks – if they don’t, the strikes will continue into the summer.

“Our members are not prepared to lose, on average, £2,500-a-year because the company has decided to arbitrarily introduce new contracts which are very detrimental to their living standards.”

The workers will be picketing outside the main gate of Tilbury docks in the dispute which centres on the company’s decision to introduce a ‘follow the ship’ contract. This means that staff work when the ships are ready for unloading, and not to set shift patterns.

EDC deals with the unloading and distribution of paper reels.