60% of workers dislike their jobs, says survey

by - 8th January 2013, 8.10 GMT

Sixty per cent of workers say their current job is just a way to pay the bills until they can find something better, according to a survey commissioned by Unions21.

Polling performed by Survation of more than 1,000 employed people shows for part-time workers the figure is 76.6% and for full-time workers 54.8%.

Director of Unions21 Dan Whittle said: “To create the high skilled economy we need, with every job part of a career, there’s plenty for government and employers to work on. Part-time workers are being left behind at the start of 2013: nearly 1 in 5 (18.7%) identified the lack of opportunities to progress in their jobs as the biggest barrier to workplace fairness.

“These results show people want action to be taken to improve training and opportunities to progress, with ‘part-time penalties’ particularly identified as an area for employers and policy-makers to overcome.

“Work quality needs to be given a priority boost by the Coalition in the second half of their term if we are to have a chance of seeing these figures improve”

MP David Blunkett is supporting the Unions21 Fair Work Commission and will be meeting today with senior union officers to discuss the issues.

He said: “Many people are clearly prepared to take low-paid and often part-time work but would be more willing to be flexible and to do so, if they knew that there was the opportunity of progression and the hope of advancement. Portable and recognised experience and basic qualifications would be a starting point for a very different form of self help, underpinned by accepted duty from employers but with a fair playing field to avoid, as Winston Churchill once put it, the worst employer being undercut by the very worst.”