Striking it lucky – UnionNews’ top headlines of 2012

by - 4th January 2013, 8.30 BST

If you’re lucky enough to have a job, you’re probably back at work after the Xmas break, so we thought you might appreciate a bit of a lift by looking at our favourite headlines of 2012.

Some made us chuckle, some made us groan, some made us angry . . . whatever emotion they inspired, we hope they made you read the story.

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert . . . er, that’s it due to cuts

Dear Olympics staff, thanks and all that . . . but you’re fired

Nestle caterers left up in the Aero over £2K travel costs

i) You’re fired! ii) Welcome back after accepting £8k salary drop

Please can I go to the toilet? Call centre chiefs restrict bog breaks, says survey

Born to Run – strike forces Springsteen fans to go on foot to Sunderland gig

“I’m the taxman*, yeah, and I’m going on strike”

Unite dials M for Merthyr as company announces factory closure plan

Fire chief badly burned after ballot balls-up

Late train robbery: companies pocket £185m from passengers

Swindon GMB members Goan on strike for 12 days over bullying

To Hellmans and back . . . Unilever strike enters day two

It must be Dove – soap production hit in day three of Unilever strike

Tories nicked for nicking pic

God save the Queen, she ain’t no cash machine

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Happy New Year!