NUJ calls on Bradley Wiggins publisher to pay up

by - 8th February 2013, 7.00 BST

The NUJ is calling on luxury publisher Opus Media Group to pay former staff what they are owed.

The company, which sells their glossy publications for up to £3,000 a copy on celebrity subjects such as Manchester United, Ferrari, Bradley Wiggins and Formula 1, owes two former members of staff a portion of their salaries from as far back as May 2012.

Following legal proceedings, the company agreed to pay a freelance journalist money owed by the company.

In November 2012, the NUJ office in Glasgow successfully won a court order against Opus Media Group plc to pay Opus’s former staff based in Glasgow. Opus has a registered office in Jersey, but its directors Karl Fowler and Paul Murphy are based between Dubai, Guernsey and London.

Fowler and Murphy agreed to pay the outstanding amount in three instalments to the former staff members and the freelance journalist. However the company has still not paid the third instalment, well after their agreed deadline.

NUJ assistant organiser Dominic Bascombe said: “Opus Media Group plc has repeatedly failed to keep its promise to pay its former staff; and even now, they have failed to meet their own self-imposed deadline to pay. The result is that the former staff members and their families have been left for nearly a year without the money they are rightfully owed. It cannot be right for any employer to not pay former staff for such a long period of time. Opus Media Group plc has been abusing the goodwill of its former staff by not paying them for their work.”

The union is calling on any other freelancers who may be similarly affected to get in touch.