UPDATE: PCS calls for work programme to be scrapped

by - 22nd February 2013, 7.00 BST

pcs_logoThe PCS has called on the government to scrap its controversial work programme after figures released today show it helped fewer than 4% of people off benefits and into work.


The Public Accounts Committee of MPs today published a report criticising the controversial Work Programme, saying it was “extremely poor”. Labour said the scheme was “worse than doing nothing”.

PCS general secretary Mark Serworka said: “The work programme is fundamentally flawed and should be scrapped, with the work done by experienced jobcentre staff who have proved far more effective at getting people back into work.


“Alongside this the government needs to create jobs, instead of cutting them, to provide opportunities for the millions of people either out of work or looking for more work.”


TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The government’s Work Programme has spectacularly underachieved, even by its own modest targets. It has failed those in greatest need, especially unemployed young and disabled people

“Ministers should now recognise that the Future Jobs Fund – a scheme they scrapped – was better at helping people into work and saved taxpayers’ money. The Chancellor has the perfect opportunity to reinstate it in his Budget next month.”