About us

UnionNews is a professional news website run by Tim Lezard and Pete Murray, journalists with more than 50 years experience in print and broadcasting.

We are both long-time union activists (we have both served as presidents of the NUJ) as well as journalists and that experience will inform all our reporting, and that of the NUJ writers and photographers we commission.

We’ll apply strong news values to what we do, but with our maxim of ‘investigate, collaborate, agitate’, we hope our work on the website will help build on the wave of activism in the UK as well as simply report on it.

We are editorially independent, affiliated to no political party and favouring no union over another. If you have a story for us, please email us at news@union-news.co.uk

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Tim Lezard is a campaigning journalist and anti-fascist who has written extensively about human rights, trade unions, equality, asylum seekers and the BNP. Elected President of the National Union of Journalists in 2005 and Chair of the South West TUC in 2009, he has also reported from Iraq, Ukraine, Bolivia and Venezuela. @TolpuddleTim

Pete Murray is a film maker, trade unionist and political activist. A former president of the National Union of Journalists, Pete is an active supporter of labour movement, anti-cuts and anti-war campaigns in Glasgow and the west of Scotland, where he lives. @Peter_Murray